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Take your results and your business to the next level with MLC Success Business Course.


Leadership Skills and Business Building. (Must be an MLC Member to attend).

Success Builders Coaches Workshops are leadership and business building focused programs that combine the fundamentals of goal setting, prospecting, utilising a structured system, understanding how to effectively use a successful business and marketing plan and how to build a strong and solid organisation, along with the modern day Healthy Active Lifestyle philosophy. The 4-week program covers off on the fundamentals of building your business, and is always facilitated by a Community Business Leader.  This is the essential event for those looking to advance and grow a royalty driven business and success as a coach within the health and wellness industry. We recommend continuing to plug into this event on an ongoing basis.  It is an interactive workshop style session.

Thursday 7.45pm – Success Builders Workshop Qualification = Qualified Success Builder Coach and above + paying MLC Member.

*Note: Success Builders who complete their qualification can have access to the Thursday evening Workshop on an ongoing basis and be a MLC Member.

TIME: Thursday 7:45pm – 8.45pm.

See what some of our local Business Owners & Coaches have to say about the Business Courses at MLC:

“There are so many great things we could say about MLC Training Workshops. The content that is shared amongst all the people in the room, in an open and comfortable environment is just absolute GOLD and MAGICAL, attending these Workshops has literally changed our business and how we approach what we do every single day. We highly recommend people qualify so they can also see and feel what we have for themselves“

We reserve the right to accept or not accept applicants at our sole discretion.

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