Box Fit – 6.15pm

Start the week right with some physical activity that is fun and enjoyable. Our BoxFit session goes for 45 minutes and is a great way to get in your 20% exercise for the day. Workout with our Personal Trainers and the positive community. Hydration Station and post workout smoothies available. $10 per person for the session.

Healthy Active Lifestyle Workshop – 7:30 – 8.15pm

Learn how to get in the best shape of your life with good nutrition, the right nutrient support program, exercise and mindset motivation with our healthy active lifestyle formula. Whether it be weight loss, fat loss, overall wellness or lean muscle gain, there will be valuable information shared to help you reach your personal health & fitness goals. Now including live Masterclass demonstrations.

Business Starter Workshop – 8.30pm – 9:00pm

Business Starter’s Workshop is where you will learn the basic tools to set up the foundation of success for your coaching or lifestyle business. Learn the necessary steps to get you started. This is an interactive program that will enable you to get off to a fast start working within our community.

Please email mlcassistant@gmail.com to understand how to access these workshops.

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