MLC Success Business School

Amongst our weekly schedule of MLC events, we have local monthly events, as well as our quarterly leadership events.

These signature healthy active events are where we enhance our skills, gain the knowledge required and grow our business, inspire us to grow Рplus they are jam packed of some serious fun.

At MLC we have a start of the month event that is designed to develop your success to improved health & wealth, smoothies & healthy whole foods are ‘level 10’ for lunch, and our speakers are Leaders from all over Australia.

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**Due to COVID19, all Success Business School Events have been put on hold. Access to our monthly National Super Saturday Events online are available instead. Please email mlcassistant@gmail.com for more details.

Stay up to date with Guest speakers and promotions on our Malvern Lifestyle Centre Page.

*Please note that these dates may change, so please follow us on our Facebook Page to stay up-to-date.

February – Saturday 1st
March – Saturday 7th
April – Not held
May – Not held
June – Not held
July – Not held
August – TBA
September – TBA
October – TBA
November – TBA
December – TBA


Details of our monthly Success Training Seminar leadership events are all available here: www.victoriasts.com

***On hold until further notice. These events are now online.

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