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Become an MLC Member and experience the full menu of what our Community has to offer. See more at our Weekly Events Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and take a look at the Calendar below.

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For less than $13 per week your membership includes:

  • Access to the FULL Community schedule of events including Opportunity Meetings, Product Sampling, Group Fitness (MLC24 BoxFit Club), Business Trainings & Academies, Nutrition Workshops, Personal Development Session and Community Activities.
  • Save on entry for ALL trainings, activities and events at the centre.
  • ADVANCED BUSINESS SCHOOL Business Development Workshops (See qualifications on Academies page).

Here is what some of the Leaders have said about our Advanced Business Course:

“There is so many great things we could say!!

The content that is shared amongst all the people in the room, in an open and comfortable environment is just absolute GOLD and MAGICAL, attending these Business Builders Academies have literally changed our business and how we approach what we do every single day.

We highly recommend people qualify so they can also see and feel what we have for themselves“


Congratulations on becoming a part of the MLC Community!

From here there are 3 easy steps:


  • MLC Community Member  – $55 per month
  • MLC Community Membership (Couple) – $75 per month
  • MLC Key Holder & Leader – $150 per month
  • MLC Regional Member – $30 per month (for those that live more than 2 hours away from Melbourne)

STEP 2 – PAYMENT – You will be directed to our MLC Assistant, where you will be asked to enter your details for a direct debit agreement for your account.

STEP 3 – ENJOY the benefits!

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This is recommended for serious business builders and regular users of MLC. Benefits include all of the above plus your own key, access to the centre every day to use as a workspace, as well as the ability to book and host private events around the MLC schedule.

NOTE: TO BECOME AN MLC KEY HOLDER MEMBER, YOU WILL NEED TO OBTAIN & SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FORM from our administration team. Once the agreement form has been completed and returned signed, and accounts have been verified as set-up, we can arrange a time for key collection & induction procedures – i.e. code of conduct, procedures, etc.

Memberships are recurring, and are for a minimum of 3 months. Your membership amount will be direct debited from your account monthly in arrears. For the direct debits to be stopped, please advise in writing via email to mlcassistant@gmail.com.

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Take full advantage and enjoy all of the benefits of the MLC Healthy Active Lifestyle Community

$55 All Inclusive Membership - Distributor $75 All Inclusive Membership - Distributorship $150 MLC Monthly Key Holder Membership